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On Jesus

Albert Einstein says ‘Give up the idea of a personal God in favor of cultivating the Good, the True, and the Beautiful in humanity itself’.

But I say that God works in us individually, ‘that makes him personal’ in order that we might all come to his full understanding and knowledge corporately.

On Prayer

‘Einstein cannot believe in prayer but nevertheless has a faith of sorts’.

But I say that the fact that you concentrate your thoughts, energy and devotion to your work and expect a desired outcome, that is faith and prayer in action.

Purpose in Nature

Albert says ‘No purpose in Nature’.

But I say nature is meant to inspire us and spoil us on to discover the one behind its beauty.

The Soul

‘Einstein denies the existence of an immortal soul’.

But I say: Without the knowledge of the person of Christ we cannot experience immortal soul.

The Religiousness of Science

‘There is a religious motive for doing science, but it does not entail a belief in a personal God’.

But I say: the underlying motive of science is the discover of truth, which reside in the person of Jesus.

Religion and Science: Irreconcilable?

There is no necessary conflict between science and religion if the nature of religion is properly understood.

But I say that pure science can only discover the works of God and yes there is no conflict.


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