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The world is changing all around us at a very fast pace than we could ever imagine. To continue to be relevant as an individual, family, organization, nation and has a church of Christ we have to be able to come up with solutions to the challenges that confront us and come out victorious, then and only then can we stay relevant.

We must be able to understand the trends and forces that is shaping our world and even look beyond now and move swiftly to prepare for what is to come. Individual, families, organization, nations, the church and even creation are all waiting and expecting a turn around. All that we are use to, all that we have known, our economic system, health system, all that our educational system have taught us over the years, and all that you could think of are all failing, And We find Individual, families, organization, nations, and even the church asking questions, is they a better way, is there a solution to the problems that confront us as a people, is there a place we could find answers.

I believe there is a place, where we could fine solution to all the challenges that confronts us as a people, it’s not much of a place but of relationship, all the answers we seek and are asking can find answers in the person of Christ. And he has called us to a place of prayer, worship and also interceding for issues that break our heart because they break His heart too, but above all he has called us to a place of intimate relationship with Him. And out of our relationship with him and reading His word which He has given to us through the bible and Holy Spirit been our guide, teacher and counselor comes the answer we seek.

This is the journey I have been on for a while now, as I look at my own country (Nigeria) and my country of residence (South Africa), as I see the issues of terrorism, Inequalities, poverty, hopelessness, hunger, disease, lawlessness and much more, this are not just peculiar to these countries I mentioned but to most nation you could think of, but in different clothing. As I see all these in the nations my heart breaks and I know it also breaks the heart of God, but the more I ask questions of what can we do or rather what I can do to make a change in my world, I found out NO ONE has the answer for me, for if they have the answer they will be implementing it and we could all learn, and our world will not be in the mess it found itself, but no one has the answers to the questions that could transform our world from what it is now, to the Kingdom that we all seeks.

Am searching, am asking question, am longing to grasps, and looking to see, and If you felt the same way that I am feeling, then I will say welcome to my world, and I will want to invite you to join me on this journey, but we must searches and look in the right place to be able to find the answer we so much desire and long to see even though we all do not know what it looks like yet, but I believe it’s something better, something glorious, some beautiful, something magnificent , and that is something we all longs for, I find all this characteristics that we seek in the person of Christ .

In the world of today that everything and everyone around us are crying out for attention, and are beckoning on us to join and follow them. The Answer we seek is in the person of Christ, I am learning to love Him more and more and also obey Him in both the small and the bigger thing in every area of my life.

So am inviting you to join me on this journey, as I finish I remember John 15 I will write more on John 15, on my next post, but before then I want to take some time if you can to just read the book.

Your in His Vineyard

Ahmed F. Odefunso

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A strong person knows they have strength enough for the journey,but a person of strength knows its in the journey where they become strong:)

January 29th, 2012 at 8:52 pm

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